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My name is Morton Plum and I know who killed Luke Little.

Mum and Wesley, they know too.

But one of em won't ever tell. The other can't.

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Meaningless Killing


Luke Little

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"My name is Morton Plum. Mum says I can't be trusted. She says, I can't trust a thing you do or a thing you say, Morton Plum.      

     So if I go, Mum, it wasn't me who started the fire.      

     If I go, Mum, it was Wesley who started the fire.      

     If I go, Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye, I know she won't believe me.

     So if I tell you the truth about what happened, will you cross your heart and promise not to tell anyone?     

     Will you?     

     Go on, promise, then.      

     Cross your heart and promise.      

     Cross your heart so I can see you cross your heart.         

     Cross your heart and hope to die and promise me and then I'll tell you who started the fire.

     Cross your heart again and kiss a Jesuscross and promise to never ever ever whisper his name to anyone and I'll tell you another secret.       

     I'll tell you who killed Luke Little." 


The Meaningless Killing of Luke Little


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Paul Davenport Randell (PDR) is the author of THE MEANINGLESS KILLING OF LUKE LITTLE. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Unthology, The Lonely Crowd, Fwriction: Review, and Veto. He's been short-listed for the Bridport Flash Fiction Prize and received a High Commendation from The National Centre for Writing. He holds a First-class BA Honours in Creative Writing. He has taught Creative Writing at a number of schools and colleges in the UNESCO city of literature, Norwich. He is currently working on his second novel, The Yewtree Effect. As the founder of The Writing-Class Blog, his vision is to create an all-inclusive forum where writers of every description are encouraged to contribute. Professionally, he considers all editing, copywriting, proofreading and content writing commissions, as well as manuscript consultancy requests. Contact.    



A graphic but gripping account of a child’s experiences, not of the big wide world, but of his world. However, [Morton Plum] is not all that he seems.

Cha Cooper

I really effin’ loved it. You're instantly immersed in the [boys'] world. The story is gripping right the way through, building tension slowly, taking its time. 

Ben Tonks

Future Radio


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